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2001 Toyota Celica GTS Cyl 8.1L

Q: Car cuts out at 6000 rpm.lift doesnt work??

0 Answers Engine - by nathunited4 - Last updated 6/17/2015

2000 Toyota Celica GTS Cyl 8.1L

Q: Is my clutch bad or is my transmission bad?

0 Answers Engine - by Ruben1096 - Last updated 6/24/2015

1990 Toyota Celica GTS Cyl leave L

Q: wont start. only clicking what could it be.

0 Answers Engine - by trent52hgc - Last updated 7/24/2015

1989 Toyota Celica ST Cyl 8.3L

Q: While driving I noticed that my car seems to vibrate and makes noise. Steering wheel shakes etc.

1 Answers Engine - by T - Last updated 4/26/2015

1993 Toyota Celica GT Cyl leave L

Q: MYSTERY ISSUE! rough & raspy stutter & cough on idle and accel, much worse when in overdrive. stalls in turns.

0 Answers Engine - by Evan - Last updated 12/7/2014

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