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2002 Toyota 4Runner SR5 6Cyl 3.40L

Q: How do I unblock the A/C condensate line and where is it?

0 Answers Engine - by The Hornet - Last updated 8/27/2014

1998 Toyota 4Runner Limited 6Cyl 3.40L

Q: Wont rev over 3500 rpm

0 Answers Engine - by HelpMeFixIt - Last updated 11/13/2014

2003 Toyota 4Runner Limited 8Cyl 4.70L

Q: Our brakes grind when we apply them. Our mechanic says the pads are not worn down. He says it could be a defective pad

1 Answers Engine - by - Last updated 3/18/2014

1995 Toyota 4Runner SR5 6Cyl 3.00L

Q: Very loud grinding noise coming from my front right tire area, worse when speed increases...

2 Answers Engine - by Kaylan Y. - Last updated 12/16/2014

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