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2012 Subaru Outback 2.5i 1Cyl 0.3L

Q: What is wrong with my car?

0 Answers Engine - by larrygoss - Last updated 12/24/2014

2011 Subaru Outback 2.5i Limited 1Cyl 0.3L

Q: Can the electric clutch in the torque converter be replaced without replacing the entire converter?

2 Answers Engine - by Wayne James - Last updated 5/2/2015

2004 Subaru Outback Limited 1Cyl 0.3L

Q: Need to retrieve tab from under rear bench seat

0 Answers Engine - by DHuddlestone - Last updated 1/10/2015

2006 Subaru Outback 2.5i 1Cyl 0.3L

Q: Brake is hard, and car vibrates badly over 60miles per hr, low rattle coming from car when moving

1 Answers Engine - by Jane - Last updated 7/8/2015

2001 Subaru Outback Base 1Cyl 0.3L

Q: Why is it making a knocking noise under the hood

0 Answers Engine - by Miastarshine - Last updated 9/29/2015

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