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1999 Subaru Legacy Brighton Cyl leave L

Q: Can a 2.2L Engine from a 1998 Model fit inside my 1999 model?

2 Answers Engine - by MrEddieG93 - Last updated 12/4/2015

2005 Subaru Legacy Limited 1Cyl 0.3L

Q: my flashers won't shut off, and dash lights are flashing also. How do I turn them off? Have tried the button on top whee

0 Answers Engine - by Nicole - Last updated 11/24/2015

1999 Subaru Legacy GT 1Cyl 0.3L

Q: How to turn on the odometer lights

0 Answers Engine - by Dha - Last updated 10/5/2015

1998 Subaru Legacy Outback 1Cyl 0.3L

Q: Im trying to figure out if i blew my engine or if the issue could be something else

1 Answers Engine - by Joshdidnotdoit - Last updated 12/21/2015

2010 Subaru Legacy Sport 1Cyl 0.3L

Q: why wont my car start ?

0 Answers Engine - by malamboaka - Last updated 9/8/2015

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