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Problematic Brakes

Porsche vehicles are prone to braking problems. The factory-made brakes become faulty when it is overly exposed to extreme heat and rugged terrain. Brake damage is often indicated by screeching sounds and rhythmic noises whenever you use the brakes. Taking your Porsche to the shop will be very expensive even for minor problems. So, if you want to save money, you need to learn how to diagnose your brake problems. First, check the brake rotor for signs of damage such as concentric scaring and discoloration. Afterwards, inspect the brake pads for uneven wear and minor cracks. Lastly, check the brake drums for excess groves. Change the brake parts that need to be replaced. Refer to the following manuals for replacement instructions: brake rotor replacement , brake pad replacement , and brake drum replacement.

Engine Troubles

The Porsche 996 has been known to have engine problems. The biggest problem that this model has is its cylinder heads. Just like most Porsche parts, these cylinder heads are really sensitive. Extremely hot temperatures can cause the cylinder head to warp or crack. The liners can also crack because the cylinder blocks rigidity when the engine is driven in high speeds. Oftentimes, cracks are developed along the bolted face and the core plug. When this happens, oil is forced into the water jacket, and the coolant becomes contaminated. The first sign of a cracked cylinder head would be noisy rattles from the engine bay. Soon after, it will cause major internal damage. At first, you need to diagnose the crack properly. Depending on the size of the crack, you may need the cylinder head or the head gasket. You need to purchase a compatible replacement that has better resistance against abrasive engine temperatures.

Refer to this head gasket replacement manual for easy-to-follow instructions. This is work for an experienced DIYer. You can prevent this scenario by consistently maintaining your vehicle.

Damaged Window Parts

Window problems are common in Porsche vehicles, especially Cabriolets. The windows act erratically and refuse to lower when the top release handle is pulled. This usually means that the Cabriolet top microswitch is broken or defective. Normally, when the switch for the soft top is pulled, the windows lower by about an inch. However, when the switch malfunctions, the car thinks that the handle is still pulled-causing the windows to act erratically. The switch is connected on two sides and pressure causes it to come free, which causes intermittent contact. Fixing the damaged window components is a must to keep the windows of your Porsche properly functioning. This task takes less than half an hour to complete. The repair starts with removing the lenses for the infra-red sensors for the alarm. Using a T25 driver, remove the latch cover and unplug the three cables from it. Find the center of the plastic switch and the slot where it is locked. Finally, place something thin between the gap, where the switch is attached. You can refer to your owner's manual for more precise instructions.

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