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1996 Nissan Pickup XE 1Cyl 0.2L

Q: horn blows when I turn left or right

1 Answers Engine - by Valerie Codd - Last updated 7/10/2015

1996 Nissan Pickup XE 1Cyl 0.2L

Q: Where is the intake air temperature sensor located, on a Nissan 96 xe pickup.

2 Answers Engine - by Cemberton - Last updated 11/6/2015

1996 Nissan Pickup XE 1Cyl 0.2L

Q: it cranks good but when I start down the road it starts missing and bogging down

1 Answers Engine - by claw woods - Last updated 4/19/2015

1997 Nissan Pickup XE 1Cyl 0.2L

Q: What could make a loud screaching noise when i turn on truck?

2 Answers Engine - by Jose Villalon - Last updated 11/8/2015

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