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2012 Mini Cooper Coupe 4Cyl 0.6L

Q: My check engine light is on and there is a loss of power

1 Answers Engine - by Warren - Last updated 3/11/2015

2010 Mini Cooper S 4Cyl 0.6L

Q: What is the trim part that sits between the hood and the windshield?

1 Answers Engine - by - Last updated 5/18/2014

2008 Mini Cooper Base 4Cyl 0.6L

Q: the car keeps stalling especially on hills. pulling away is very unpleasant.. what coukd be causing this?

0 Answers Engine - by linda - Last updated 8/5/2015

2006 Mini Cooper Base 4Cyl 0.6L

Q: Drivers heated seat gets so hot that you need to turn the seat heater off otherwise it would burn you.

0 Answers Engine - by Art - Last updated 1/3/2015

2005 Mini Cooper S 4Cyl 0.6L

Q: Any information regarding air bag recalls for 2005 minis is appreciated.

1 Answers Engine - by jws - Last updated 9/15/2014

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