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1981 Mercedes Benz 300SD Base 12Cyl 4.8L

Q: looking to swap motors

0 Answers Engine - by clampman - Last updated 8/23/2014

1985 Mercedes Benz 300SD Base 12Cyl 4.8L

Q: The car's speedomoter, tachometer, gas gauge and all dashboard functions as well as my brake lights have stopped working

0 Answers Engine - by DonLane121 - Last updated 11/8/2014

1992 Mercedes Benz 300SD Base 16Cyl 7.4L

Q: how to change fuel gauge sender

1 Answers Engine - by j.strecker - Last updated 12/27/2014

1983 Mercedes Benz 300SD Base 12Cyl 4.8L

Q: when i turn on the engine the wiper arms keep on running?

1 Answers Engine - by Noah - Last updated 7/7/2010

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