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2008 Mazda Tribute S 12Cyl 6.6L

Q: what is the fix for H02S12 signal stuck lean

1 Answers Engine - by Willaim - Last updated 2/2/2016

2003 Mazda Tribute ES 12Cyl 6.6L

Q: Suds in coolant resivour.. Not over heating..one episode where it was trying to turn over but wouldn't...

1 Answers Engine - by Annette - Last updated 7/19/2015

2003 Mazda Tribute LX 12Cyl 6.6L

Q: What's wrong, I need help

0 Answers Engine - by Xboxburke - Last updated 11/16/2015

2002 Mazda Tribute LX 12Cyl 6.6L

Q: car starts when key is turned once to accessories

1 Answers Engine - by dan - Last updated 12/22/2015

2005 Mazda Tribute S 12Cyl 6.6L

Q: Should I repair my vehicle or sell it and purchase a new used car?

2 Answers Engine - by MystyqueOne - Last updated 6/30/2015

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