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Leaking Intake Manifold

Engine-related problems are one of the most common issues for Town Car owners. These issues are more reflected on Town Cars from the early and mid-1990s. One of the most typical engine-related problems with this model is a leaking intake manifold. Once this component leaks, it causes coolant to be burned-thus running the serious risk of overheating.

To solve this problem, you'll need to replace your Town Car's intake manifold gasket. You'll need a replacement intake manifold gasket, some coolant, a scraper, a screwdriver, a cooling system pressure tester, a socket and ratchet set, and a 3/8-inch drive ratchet. To start, you'll need to disconnect your car's negative battery cable. Then, drain the cooling system from your radiator. Once that's done, proceed by removing your air cleaner assembly. You should then remove all air cleaner hoses, vacuum lines, fuel lines, electrical leads, and distributor from the intake manifold. Once you've done all that, loosen the nuts on the intake manifold and once the manifold is removed, lay in the new gaskets. Reverse the process to complete the assembly.

Intermittent Power Automatic Window Switch

This problem is typically caused by a faulty motor, corroded wiring, or just plain wear and tear. However, you can easily solve this by replacing your window switch yourself. To start, you'll need a replacement power window switch, a socket and ratchet set, an interior trim kit, a 3/8-inch drive ratchet, a multimeter, and a screwdriver. But before you begin, however, be sure to check your car's fuse box for blown fuses. If the fuses are alright, then proceed with your replacement.

Start by removing the door panel by unclipping the switches and handles. Then, locate your power window switch. Once you've located it, remove that switch from your door panel. Then, carefully install your replacement power window switch into your door panel. Afterwards, reconnect your new power window switch on to the rest of your window assembly. Reinstall your door panel and your power windows should now be working.

Door Handle Breaks

This repair would only take approximately one hour to complete. To start, you'll need a replacement door handle, a 3/8-inch drive ratchet, a socket and ratchet set, a trim panel removal tool, a set of pliers and a screwdriver. First, you'll have to push your window fully up so you can work with your door. Then, remove your interior door handle, window handle, and the switches. Once that's done, proceed by removing your door panel with your trim panel removal tool. Afterwards, remove your vapor barrier just enough so you can work with the back of your exterior door handle. Once you can access the back of your door handle, use your screwdriver to remove the handle's mounting bolts and then disconnect the actuator rod. Remove your door handle and install your replacement afterwards. You should then re-attach the actuator rod and tighten the mounting bolts back in place. Once that's done, re-install the vapor barrier, door panel, switches, and handle.


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