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2006 Jeep Commander Base 2Cyl 0.4L

Q: Jeep didn't start due to no oil on stick. added oil, it started with jump, but now has a ticking sound

1 Answers Engine - by bliss - Last updated 11/5/2014

2006 Jeep Commander Base 4Cyl 4.8L

Q: how to get back passenger door panel off to fix when the door want open

0 Answers Engine - by Sue - Last updated 8/19/2014

2007 Jeep Commander Base 4Cyl 4.8L

Q: Speedometer and tachometer go up and down together every few minutes, blinker is blinking weird now wont start.

1 Answers Engine - by kris9577 - Last updated 9/8/2014

2009 Jeep Commander Sport 2Cyl 0.4L

Q: what does jeep do when ignition switch goes out

0 Answers Engine - by Jason c - Last updated 8/5/2015

2006 Jeep Commander Base 4Cyl 4.8L

Q: My jeep commander wont switch out of 3rd gear

0 Answers Engine - by Tara - Last updated 8/17/2015

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