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1995 Jeep Cherokee Sport 2Cyl 0.7L

Q: I have been hearing a knock/tick from under the vehicle. Initial thought was flex plate but it's only while in park.

0 Answers Engine - by Jonathan - Last updated 5/29/2015

1991 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 2Cyl 0.7L

Q: My jeep runs great,however recently it started to first just die out while slow rolling . Then while driving it at any

0 Answers Engine - by ray - Last updated 2/24/2015

1995 Jeep Cherokee Country 2Cyl 0.7L

Q: Blower motor very loud (not really a screech) gets louder as the fan speed is adjusted up and no air comes out vents

1 Answers Engine - by pjrollins - Last updated 4/23/2015

1987 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer 2Cyl 0.7L

Q: transmission slippage

1 Answers Engine - by google - Last updated 4/8/2015

1996 Jeep Cherokee Country 2Cyl 0.7L

Q: Had to replace fuelpump. now wont turn over

1 Answers Engine - by starr - Last updated 12/26/2014

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