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Window Regulator Breaks

To repair your Jeep's window regulator you'll need: a direct-fit OEM window regulator replacement, a trim panel removal tool, a socket and ratchet set, a 3/8-inch drive ratchet, and a screwdriver. Start off by removing the door panel, the handle, and the accompanying switches. Afterwards, peel off the vapor barrier. Once you've removed the barrier, you should then disconnect the glass from your stock window regulator.

Once the glass is off the regulator, tape the glass panel to the door frame. Then, disconnect the electrical connector from the window motor. Once that's done, you should then remove the window regulator's mounting bolts and remove the motor. You should now attach the new regulator into the motor. Once you've already replaced your stock regulator, be sure to test your window before you reconnect your door panel. If it works, you can now reconnect the electrical motor and the glass panel. Reverse the process to complete assembly.

Popping Sound Coming from the Engine

This commonly happens when one or two bolts from the intake manifold breaks. Thankfully, it's relatively easier to remove intake manifold bolts compared to some other bolts like broken cylinder head bolts. However, what makes this task more laborious is that the intake manifold also has to be removed to complete the replacement process. Start by removing your valve covers from the cylinder heads. Then remove your Jeep's intake manifold by using a wrench. Like the valve covers, your intake manifold contains several bolts. Check which one/s are busted. Once you've found which ones are broken, spray these bolts with aerosol lubricant and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. Then, remove the broken bolts and replace them with new ones. Re-attach the intake manifold and valve covers. Once that's done, test-drive your vehicle to verify if you've replaced the right intake manifold bolts.

Engine Runs Rough

This problem is more commonly associated with the Jeep Wrangler. When your truck's engine runs rough, this is probably caused by a busted throttle position sensor (TPS) or burned-out spark plugs.

To replace your TPS, you're going to need a replacement TPS, a scan tool, a multimeter, and a screwdriver. First, locate your truck's OBD data link connector (DLC). You can refer to your owner's manual for the specific location. Then, turn your key to the "ON" position (do not start the engine, though). You should then plug your scan tool into the OBD data link connector. Afterwards, diagnose your truck and take the appropriate steps to read your truck's DTC.

Once that's done, locate your truck's TPS. Then, disconnect the electrical connector from the TPS. Test your TPS' resistance. If it is out of specifications, replace it with a new one by removing the stock TPS and then installing your replacement (be sure to tighten the mounting screws). Afterwards, erase your truck's diagnostic trouble code by using your scan tool. Road test your vehicle to see if your engine is back to normal.


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