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2004 Honda Element LX 4Cyl 2.40L

Q: can a mechnic still find the fsult cide after i have erased ut

1 Answers Engine - by linda - Last updated 1/22/2017

2011 Honda Element LX 4Cyl 2.40L

Q: what's wrong when you open drivers door and dash lights come on

0 Answers Engine - by jean - Last updated 1/8/2017

2003 Honda Element EX 4Cyl 2.40L

Q: I have a very loud whining sound coming from the motor and has been even louder as of late. What's cause???

0 Answers Engine - by - Last updated 5/28/2014

2004 Honda Element DX 4Cyl 2.40L

Q: Wop-Wop-Wop Noise from Front End

1 Answers Engine - by Rags - Last updated 7/15/2016

2004 Honda Element EX 4Cyl 2.40L

Q: Rotars, calipers need replacing after 8 months?I

1 Answers Engine - by Lisa - Last updated 10/21/2018

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