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1997 Honda Civic HX 4Cyl 1.60L

Q: Code P0301 Cylinder 1 misfire

1 Answers Engine - by Mike - Last updated 8/5/2020

2015 Honda Civic EX 4Cyl 1.80L

Q: Just got a used transmission replaced now radio and dash won't turn off?

1 Answers Engine - by Isicvan209 - Last updated 11/5/2020

2011 Honda Civic GX 4Cyl 1.80L

Q: Clutch cylinders problem! What to do?

1 Answers Engine - by Panayiotis - Last updated 8/20/2020

2004 Honda Civic Si 4Cyl 2.00L

Q: Battery light and voltage drop at speed

2 Answers Engine - by Tcarisch - Last updated 10/30/2020

2002 Honda Civic EX 4Cyl 1.70L

Q: My cars guages and radio turned off while i was driving

0 Answers Engine - by Mrhades503 - Last updated 12/31/2020

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