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1997 GMC Sonoma SLS 6Cyl 4.30L

Q: Why won't my truck roll over after changing ignition switch.

0 Answers Engine - by Cameron - Last updated 12/1/2014

2001 GMC Sonoma SL 6Cyl 4.30L

Q: no start intermittent

2 Answers Engine - by glen - Last updated 8/26/2014

2003 GMC Sonoma SLS 6Cyl 4.30L

Q: ABS Light and brake light comes on. How difficult to fix?

1 Answers Engine - by Hollis - Last updated 12/18/2014

1998 GMC Sonoma SL 4Cyl 2.20L

Q: My truck is losing oil. I can't find leak but I have had to add four quarts in the last two days.

1 Answers Engine - by knox - Last updated 7/17/2014

2003 GMC Sonoma SLS 6Cyl 4.30L

Q: Truck will start and run for a few days, then die. Brought to mechanic. They said it was fuel pump. Replaced it.

0 Answers Engine - by Pat - Last updated 12/8/2014

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