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1999 GMC Sonoma SL 2Cyl 1.0L

Q: Why wont my truck start after it has rained

1 Answers Engine - by CoolHandLuke - Last updated 5/11/2014

2001 GMC Sonoma SL 2Cyl 1.0L

Q: intermittent no start

0 Answers Engine - by glen - Last updated 8/26/2014

1997 GMC Sonoma SLS Cyl leave L

Q: Brake light goes out if press brake hard

1 Answers Engine - by mfree1 - Last updated 9/22/2014

1995 GMC Sonoma SL Cyl leave L

Q: When you put in gear the truck farts ,spits till it it gets going down the road then somtimes its fine

1 Answers Engine - by clangbig - Last updated 11/5/2012

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