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2007 GMC Canyon SLE 4Cyl 2.90L

Q: Lowering info. (Not 100% sure it is a SLE)

1 Answers Engine - by Rmb123 - Last updated 7/18/2016

2009 GMC Canyon SLT 5Cyl 3.70L

Q: What should i do for my canyon thats been sitting for 3 years?

2 Answers Engine - by JBuie1 - Last updated 1/3/2016

2008 GMC Canyon SLE 5Cyl 3.70L

Q: what would cause the security system to activate on its own

0 Answers Engine - by paul - Last updated 7/12/2015

2005 GMC Canyon Z71 SL 4Cyl 2.80L

Q: What causes a truck to throw 4 check engine codes at the same time?

0 Answers Engine - by scott - Last updated 3/17/2017

2005 GMC Canyon Z85 SL 5Cyl 3.50L

Q: Strange metal popping/clicking

1 Answers Engine - by benhert - Last updated 12/19/2018

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