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Among the more recent issues that affected numerous GMC models are problematic anti-lock braking systems (ABS), which prompted a couple of recalls. The first issue resulted from road grime that corroded the area near the ABS sensors and thus caused a malfunction in the systems. Another problem, which affects 2005 models, had the ABS activating at 3-10 mph instead of the intended 15-20 mph. That is a speed that's too low for the designed purpose of the ABS. The best option is to have the ABS fixed by the dealer (if still under warranty) or by professional mechanics.

Leaning Vehicle

Many GMC owners have complained of their rides leaning to one side-particularly the front driver's side. Some say the problem persists even after having the springs and shocks replaced. This issue could be due to a number of component problems. One possible cause is a bent frame, caused by stress or flex on the body. It can also be due to alignment that is off. You could also check the tire sizes and compare the size of the one on the lopsided side with the others. For some, the best solution is a specific set of springs. These springs minimize the leaning specifically on the front driver's side. For cases where this solution is not applicable, then an option would be to have your dealer or repair shop use special spacers and bolts that will be used on the leaf spring to minimize the leaning on the affected side.

Fuel Delivery System Issues

There have been reported instances where drivers manage to get the sparkplugs to fire, but no fuel is delivered by the injectors to keep the vehicle running. Driver accounts say they hear the fuel pump coming on, just that the fuel doesn't go where it's supposed to. The thing is , a number of components could be causing this mishap. You might need to check many fuel system components until you find the source of the problem. If there's a spark, you might want to start with your fuel filter. There might not be enough pressure to get the injectors to open. GMC vehicles like the Yukon, for example, tend to dirty up their injectors. Checking for clogged or broken injectors would be the best option. Repair any worn or damaged components you find.

Power Steering Cooler Hoses

Some GMC models' power steering cooler hoses have a tendency to separate from the power brake booster fluid flow switch assembly. This can lead to engine hazards and should be attended to immediately. The solution is to put clamps on the cooler hoses to avoid separation from the switch assembly.

Lift Gates

There have been many complaints about lift gates that lock suddenly in some GMC vehicles. Even remote entry or the door buttons won't open the lift gate. The only way to open the lift gate at this point is to pry it open so that you could access the lock mechanism and work on it. The process is a bit risky, so you may want to have this done by a professional mechanic.


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