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Since Geo models are generally old models, sheer wear and tear can make vital components like the engine problematic. Plus, given the cars' being in the compact economy segment, the quality of these components is not really that high to begin with. Some owners of Geo cars have reported that their cars start okay one day, then won't even crank at all the next day. Engine problems range from relatively minor, such as constant sputtering or squealing and hard-starting in colder weather, to major failure risks like blown head gaskets that require some engine component replacements or a new engine entirely. Additionally, some Geo models may require constant replenishing of engine oil because they may burn the oil relatively fast.

Transmission Mounts

Certain Geo models such as the Geo Metro have been known to have nagging transmission problems. One persistent issue is fluid getting into the motor and transmission mounts. This causes vibrations when drivers go into reverse. It is also common for models equipped with manual transmission to experience gear slippage. Regular inspection of the transmission mount is recommended, along with the replacement of affected parts when necessary.


Brakes are common causes of concern for owners of Geo cars. This is particularly true for the Geo Metro, which sports drum brakes at the rear and disc brakes at the front. Rotor warping is a common problem of the front brakes. This causes vibrations of the pedal when braking. The likely culprit is uneven lug nut torque, particularly for those in made between the 1990 to 1994 model years. Leaking brakes, underpowered braking power, and stuck parking brakes are also common brake problems.

Fuel Pump Fuses

It's not always a faulty old engine that causes starting failure in a Geo car. If it still manages to crank, but won't start, it could be due to a blown fuel pump fuse. One solution would be to keep a spare fuel pump fuse in your tool box or glove compartment as a quick replacement when your fuel pump fuse blows while you're on the road. Replacing the fuse should be as easy as replacing any other fuse in any other vehicle. Hopefully, it will solve the problem and the fuel pump fuse won't blow again until after a few months. If the fuse keeps blowing over and over, however, it could be due to a worn-out fuel pump or a clogged fuel pump. It could also be caused by some electrical system problems. The more permanent solution is to have the fuel pump replaced entirely, though this procedure will require more time and money on your part.

Manual Door Locks

There have been numerous complaints about Geo models' door locks freezing, which means the grease inside the manual locks might be blocking the movement of the lock mechanism. This can be solved by using some brake cleaner with some Varasol to spray down the old grease and restore the locks' function. When that solution fails, replace the lock mechanism.

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