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2001 Ford Taurus SES 6Cyl 3.00L

Q: what could it be if my car won't start but my battery is good

1 Answers Engine - by yvette valencia - Last updated 7/13/2018

2001 Ford Taurus SES 6Cyl 3.00L

Q: Car runs smooth, then starts pulsating up and down

1 Answers Engine - by tom - Last updated 3/30/2018

2004 Ford Taurus SE 6Cyl 3.00L

Q: what would it cost to replace wheelbaring?

1 Answers Engine - by David Leifheit - Last updated 8/21/2018

2005 Ford Taurus SE 6Cyl 3.00L

Q: Knocking noise coming from rear brakes

1 Answers Engine - by Bruce - Last updated 4/5/2018

2001 Ford Taurus SE 6Cyl 3.00L

Q: power steering pump fluid blowing back out of pump reseivoir cap

1 Answers Engine - by lutherlyons - Last updated 4/16/2018

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