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2006 Ford Freestar SEL 6Cyl 4.20L

Q: Why can't I pump in gas without it over flowing?

1 Answers Engine - by evilsir - Last updated 11/3/2015

2004 Ford Freestar SE 6Cyl 3.90L

Q: What causes a "rumbling" noise in the front of the car that gets louder with speed?

1 Answers Engine - by Ari1989 - Last updated 11/3/2014

2004 Ford Freestar SE 6Cyl 3.90L

Q: Hello I want to explain how to open the door moving cover I want to change lock Center

0 Answers Engine - by saad - Last updated 7/24/2015

2004 Ford Freestar SE 6Cyl 3.90L

Q: my vin # says 2004 freestar but most everything is a 2003 including name plates, winstar

1 Answers Engine - by John - Last updated 6/7/2015

2005 Ford Freestar SES 6Cyl 3.90L

Q: can i change theclutch on the ac compressor or are they one part together?

1 Answers Engine - by - Last updated 6/30/2014

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