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1999 Ford F-150 Lariat 8Cyl 5.40L

Q: Brake pedal goes down to far

1 Answers Engine - by Don - Last updated 12/28/2018

2010 Ford F-150 FX4 8Cyl 5.40L

Q: Power running boards

0 Answers Engine - by Evan - Last updated 8/2/2018

2002 Ford F-150 Lariat 8Cyl 5.40L

Q: How can I jack up the front end one side at a time to change the brakes with a small floor jack?

1 Answers Engine - by Goofy - Last updated 11/20/2018

2013 Ford F-150 XL 8Cyl 5.00L

Q: wiper switch will not shut off

1 Answers Engine - by Frank - Last updated 12/28/2018

2009 Ford F-150 XLT 8Cyl 4.60L

Q: running rough after I changed the canshaft

0 Answers Engine - by chrislyn12 - Last updated 10/22/2018

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