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2002 Ford Escort SE Cyl 8.3L

Q: cam shaft broke in half

1 Answers Engine - by robert senase - Last updated 7/21/2015

1999 Ford Escort LX Cyl 8.3L

Q: Problem starting even though it turns over

0 Answers Engine - by mexkan - Last updated 10/26/2015

1999 Ford Escort ZX2 Cool Coupe Cyl 8.3L

Q: What is serpentine belt routing.

1 Answers Engine - by Fred Patsch - Last updated 10/16/2015

1999 Ford Escort SE Cyl 8.3L

Q: What would cause my 1999 ford escort to miss going down the highway about 55 miles per hour

1 Answers Engine - by Laura McMurry - Last updated 8/27/2015

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