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2008 Ford E-150 XLT 8Cyl 5.40L

Q: Truck ceased to keep running after it died one day it turns over no start has fuel delivery problem

2 Answers Engine - by wits end - Last updated 5/27/2015

2003 Ford E-150 Base 8Cyl 5.40L

Q: Preventative maintenance on a wheelchair van

0 Answers Engine - by DMac - Last updated 12/10/2014

2004 Ford E-150 Base 8Cyl 5.40L

Q: when i accelerate a/c switches to de-fog, switches back to a/c vent when i coast ??

1 Answers Engine - by Thomas Jefferson - Last updated 7/6/2010

2003 Ford E-150 Base 8Cyl 5.40L

Q: My truck will crank but wont start. only happens sometimes, it's not bouncing any codes off the code reader.

1 Answers Engine - by Cody Eakin - Last updated 1/5/2017

2005 Ford E-150 Base 8Cyl 4.60L

Q: After stopping, the brake pedal moves to floor. When pedal is pumped it stiffens up.

2 Answers Engine - by Dale Odenwelder - Last updated 2/3/2017

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