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The Ford vehicle, specifically the well-renowned Ford Explorer, is subject to defective transmission. A lot of reasons may cause this (i.e., broken gears, clogged filter, etc.), but whatever it is that's hindering the efficient operation of the transmission, you should attend to at once. The transmission allows your car to shift from gear to gear, which lets you realize how fast you need to go and how quickly you need to get there. The common problem here is either your car won't go or your car won't go smoothly. To have a better grasp of why your car suffers from either occurrence, you should thoroughly diagnose the problem. For instance, check if your transmission fluid level is correct or see if there are leaks in your transmission. The initial knowledge will help you get by sneaky mechanics since, eventually, you'll have to consult them because most transmission problems can't be fixed by the ordinary driver. Also, many special tools might be needed in fixing the problem. So, if you're not well-versed in troubleshooting, it's best to bring your car to a shop.


The Ford Focus, which has been reported the second most problematic Ford vehicle, usually has difficulty in getting its ignition fired up. This is usually due to car keys that won't turn in. This is a prime concern for all drivers because such simple annoyance can leave them stranded on the road. Many had their Fords already towed since there's no other way for them to make their car run with their car keys getting jammed in the key hole. Replacing the ignition switch and the entire steering column can solve this problem, which can actually be related to compatibility. But this method is a little too stretched out. Before going to extreme measures, try getting assistance from a locksmith first. Most locksmiths can fix ignition locks for only $150-200, which is a lot cheaper compared to the $450-500 cost of having the ignition replaced. Or, for a more practical approach, you can use your palm to apply hard (but not overly hard) pressure on the key while you push it into the ignition and see if it turns.

Spark Plugs

Akin to a number of Ford engines (Triton 4.6L V8, 5.4L V8, 6.8L, V10, etc.) is the so-called spark plug ejection defect. This occurrence has been traced to the vehicle's engine and cylinder head design, but Ford remains that the improper torquing of new plugs is what truly causes the problem. Spark plug ejection posts a danger to car safety since when spark plugs get ejected, fuel vapor begins to rise from the spark plug hole, which can be ignited by a loose spark plug. This can result in engine fire. To resolve this early on, you may consider having on hand a topnotch kit that can help repair your faulty spark plugs. It'll also help if you re-tap the spark plug threads because the threads are probably too damaged already. This will avoid your spark plugs from blowing out and causing the unwanted explosion.


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