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The Eagle Talon has experienced recalls due to substandard powertains. Powertrain failure can lead to the transfer case locking up, consequently making the vehicle lose control and increase the chances of crashing. The main reason for this is insufficient lubrication. You need to always have an ample amount of oil in the powetrain to steer clear of the problem. If you are dealing with oil leakage, then you should replace the transfer case at once since the leak may further affect other components, which you will need to replace as well.

Control Arm

The problem usually arises from the rubber boots on the lower lateral arm ball joints of the front suspension. If they are damaged during installation, they can allow dirt and water in the control arm. This can cause the ball stud to wear away. When your rubber boots are damaged, replace them at once. If the damage goes beyond the boots and has taken its toll on the entire control arm, swap the entire piece for a worthy replacement. Installing a new control arm is easy. Prepare your socket wrench and retain bolts, then slip underneath the vehicle to begin the operation. Some wiggling may be required to get everything to line back up the way they should. For the rear bolts, it is advisable to position all of your bolts first before you begin any tightening sequences. That way, you can ensure that all of your holes will line up. Commence tightening down each bolt using a ratchet until all bolts are securely fastened.

Fuel System

Eagle cars, specifically the Talon issued from 1995-1998, have had their share of fuel system defects. The main flaw common to most is that the wall of the flared fitting of the fuel pump is too thin to foil mating threaded fittings from bottoming out before achieving ample sealing. This may endanger the connection of the fuel pump module assembly and the vehicle fuel line as it can bring about leakage. Also, there were reports about fuel tank gaskets for the fuel pump and the gauge unit having been improperly installed. This can allow fumes to escape and consequently cause fire if an ignition source were present. If your Eagle is not spared from this hassle, simply replace your fuel pump and acquire a new fuel tank, caps, and gaskets. Tips on installing a replacement fuel pump

Seat Belt

A safety issue rather than a flaw in the physical design of Eagle vehicles, this may be seen a minor mishap but can drastically affect the safety of the driver in the long run. See, the release button of the belt buckle for some Eagle models is quite brittle. The red plastic button with the word PRESS engraved on it when broken can have its fragments infiltrate the buckle assembly, which can cause the buckle to operate erratically. Owners should always check the button for damage. They, too, should occasionally test their seat belts if the latch securely locks and pops out once the button is pressed.


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