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Dodge Dakota Questions and Answers

Common Dodge Dakota Repair Questions
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1999 Dodge Dakota Sport 2Cyl 0.6L
1 Answers Engine - by - Last updated 4/8/2014
1995 Dodge Dakota Base 2Cyl 0.6L
Q: Im smelling fuel when starting vehicle
0 Answers Engine - by curt - Last updated 7/30/2014
1992 Dodge Dakota LE 4Cyl 6.0L
Q: is there 2 differrent water pumps for this motor
1 Answers Engine - by James - Last updated 3/21/2011
2006 Dodge Dakota ST 2Cyl 0.4L
Q: Wagner Rotors Identification
0 Answers Engine - by - Last updated 4/25/2014
1998 Dodge Dakota SLT 4Cyl 6.0L
Q: my car won't start I it makes a click sound but it won't start if I take the negative cable off and put it back onto the
0 Answers Engine - by james wilson - Last updated 8/3/2014

Dodge Dakota Recalls

Latest Dodge Dakota Recalls
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2005 Dodge Dakota Exterior Lighting Recall - 09E012000
Campaign ID Number: 09E012000 Manufacturer: Sabersport
Date Manufactured: Apr 07, 2009 Mfr's Report Date: Apr 07, 2009
Vehicles Affected: 16270 Component: Exterior Lighting
2002 Dodge Dakota Power Train Recall - 07V555000
Campaign ID Number: 07V555000 Manufacturer: Chrysler Llc
Date Manufactured: Dec 11, 2007 Mfr's Report Date: Dec 04, 2007
Vehicles Affected: 576418 Component: Power Train
2000 Dodge Dakota Fuel System, Gasoline Recall - 06E011000
Campaign ID Number: 06E011000 Manufacturer: Airtex Products
Date Manufactured: Feb 01, 2006 Mfr's Report Date: Feb 01, 2006
Vehicles Affected: 7291 Component: Fuel System, Gasoline
2010 Dodge Dakota Power Train Recall - 12V474000
Campaign ID Number: 12V474000 Manufacturer: Chrysler Group Llc
Date Manufactured: Sep 28, 2012 Mfr's Report Date: Sep 28, 2012
Vehicles Affected: 44300 Component: Power Train
2002 Dodge Dakota Exterior Lighting Recall - 06E065000
Campaign ID Number: 06E065000 Manufacturer: Aj Motorsport
Date Manufactured: Jul 17, 2006 Mfr's Report Date: Jul 17, 2006
Vehicles Affected: 3593 Component: Exterior Lighting

Dodge Dakota TSBs

Latest Dodge Dakota Technical Service Bulletins
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2004 Dodge Dakota Power Train Service Bulletin 222207
NHTSA Item Number: 10021684 Date of Bulletin: Apr 26, 2007
Service Bulletin Number: 1802907 Component: Power Train
2007 Dodge Dakota Equipment Service Bulletin 228702
NHTSA Item Number: 10023662 Date of Bulletin: Dec 01, 2007
Service Bulletin Number: 46 Component: Equipment
1998 Dodge Dakota Engine And Engine Cooling Service Bulletin 215950
NHTSA Item Number: 10020666 Date of Bulletin: Aug 01, 2006
Service Bulletin Number: 22 Component: Engine And Engine Cooling
2007 Dodge Dakota Power Train Service Bulletin 222950
NHTSA Item Number: 10021999 Date of Bulletin: May 18, 2007
Service Bulletin Number: 1803507 Component: Power Train
2007 Dodge Dakota Steering Service Bulletin 227894
NHTSA Item Number: 10023394 Date of Bulletin: Oct 10, 2007
Service Bulletin Number: 1900407 Component: Steering