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Camshaft Position Sensors

The camshaft position sensors signals the Engine Control Unit (ECU), the most powerful computer in most cars, which stroke number a piston is on so it can know which cylinder to inject fuel into. These sensors are important in maintaining the correct firing order of the cylinders in your piston engine. In Daewoo cars, the sensors usually melt, a problem that spreads to the camshaft cover and the wire harness. It can be detected by a burning smell and visible smoke. Also, this is the time the "Check Engine" indicator lights up. If left unattended, this can cause engine fire. No need to worry since the sensors are replaceable. When you replace them, be sure to install an additional fuse charge as well.

Timing Belt

Proper timing is vital in having a smooth-running vehicle. And so this problem of frequent timing belt failure among Daewoo cars is surely not for the shelves. If you start experiencing idling, hearing noises from your engine, or having difficulty in starting it, see your trusted mechanic at once. See, these are the symptoms of a failing timing belt. Actually, this hassle can be avoided head-on by changing the belt at the proper mileage intervals recommended by the manufacturer. You can check the intervals in your vehicle owner's manual. You may also install a new timing belt. The task is not quite difficult but will demand that the instructions be followed precisely. Learn more about how to replace your timing belt.

Side Doors

The 1999 Daewoo Lanos is known to have weak resistance when it comes to collision-related impacts. This is because its side doors lack strength. This can be traced to the car's door pads being placed on the rear of the door assembly rather than the middle. As such, pelvic protection is drastically reduced. To solve this, you can ask dealers to move the pad to its proper position.

Steering Wheel

Some Daewoo cars experience slipping of the steering wheel center bushing, which connects the steering wheel hub to the steering column. This can cause instability while driving. This problem can ultimately be solved by replacing the steering wheel. But then it can still be confounded by alloy wheels loosening due to the absence of steel bushing inserts around the wheel bolt openings. To solve this, you can have the wheel bolts re-torqued.


The problem particularly affects the sidelights (both front and rear) and the airbag light of the car. Some reports confirm that even if the ignition is turned off, the sidelights remain lit. This can either be caused by a sticking light relay or a short circuit. You can test it by pulling the light fuse out-if the lights stay on, you have a short after the fuse. Otherwise, remove the relay and see if the lights stay on. If they do, then the short is after the relay. Getting quality replacements for the faulty parts is your best move. There, too, is a similar case about Daewoo's airbag light refusing to turn off, which can be indicative that something went wrong with your airbag system. The answer to this problem is to have the fault code be interpreted. Many independent garages can do this for you. Or you can ask a dealer for a quote. The dealer might also be able to re-set the light if it is just a glitch in the software.

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