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1996 Chevrolet S10 Base 4Cyl 2.20L

Q: I had to remove upper half of intake manifold (plenum) to fix a fuel injector. Ever since the ingine wont idle correct.

2 Answers Engine - by Allen - Last updated 6/10/2018

1992 Chevrolet S10 Tahoe 6Cyl 4.30L

Q: Engine Quits - erattic

0 Answers Engine - by Mike - Last updated 2/6/2018

1988 Chevrolet S10 Base 6Cyl 2.80L

Q: 1988 Chevrolet s10 pickup v6 2.8- engine turns over but won't start

0 Answers Engine - by Bodneyp - Last updated 4/22/2018

2000 Chevrolet S10 LS 6Cyl 4.30L

Q: is there anything else i should change when replacing the shift cable?

0 Answers Engine - by umkcscott - Last updated 1/3/2018

1997 Chevrolet S10 Base 6Cyl 4.30L

Q: What causes the heat to still blow out at the feet when it's turned off

0 Answers Engine - by Timothy Smith - Last updated 2/8/2018

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