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Faulty Cooling System Components

For older Cadillac models (specifically 90s models), the cooling system is a major source of headaches. The most affected cooling system parts are the water pump and the radiator. Rusted water pumps are prone to losing fins. This will restrict the fluid circulation of your vehicle, resulting in constant overheating. A rusty radiator tends to have many leaks. If you constantly change and refill your coolant/water reservoir, you should check your radiator for leaks. In this case, verification is as important as replacement. If you think you need a radiator replacement, dismantle it from the engine bay. Perform a maintenance check to confirm. Pour water and observe if the leak comes from the radiator. Small leaks can be solved by applying sealants. But if there are too many leaks, then you need to replace the radiator. For old Cadillacs, it is recommended that you install compatible replacements instead of performance parts. Here are some simple radiator replacement instructions.

Rusted water pumps need to be replaced as soon as possible. A simple ocular check will confirm if your water pump is too rusty. Replacing it is easy, as it requires only the replacement part and simple hand tools. Here is the water pump replacement guide.

Faulty Battery and Electrical Components

Cadillacs are known to have electrical problems, specifically the gauges and the battery. If the brightness lever for the panel lights is set to bright, it can inadvertently power up the dash integration module. If left for a long time, this will discharge the battery. The fuel gauge is another problem area for the vehicle. Most of the time, it will read empty even though you already filled your tank with fuel. Unless you're still under warranty, the best way to deal with the battery problem is prevention. Make sure that the lever is not set to bright before you turn off your vehicle. You can opt to change the dashboard tools to improve electrical efficiency. This can be done by properly rewiring your dash so that no electrical problems will occur when the vehicle is parked. Unless you're experienced with electrical wirings, we suggest you leave this to the auto electrician.

Use our Auto Repair Shop Finder to locate a trusted mechanic in your area. Prevention is still the best solution for fuel gauge problems. Turn off your engine before you gas up. If the fuel gauge is already faulty, then you need to drain the fuel tank and reload up on fuel. If that does not work, you may need to replace the dash gauges.

Incorrectly Fitted Seatbelt

Specific for the 2005 Cadillac Escalade, there are factory defects on the rear seatbelts in the second row. The belt may be too low on the hips of the occupants and will not be suitable for passengers, most especially for smaller ones. An improperly fitted seatbelt exposes passengers to internal injuries in the abdomen. If your Escalade is already out of warranty, then you need to replace your seatbelt unit with one that meets the industry' safety standards. Here are easy-to-follow instructions on how to replace your seatbelts.


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