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1994 Buick Century Custom 12Cyl 6.7L

Q: what could cause this?

1 Answers Engine - by cecil - Last updated 9/19/2015

2003 Buick Century Custom 12Cyl 6.7L

Q: My 2003 Buick Century misses/skips intermittently. Mostly when I accelerate up even the slightest grades. see below.

1 Answers Engine - by Paul - Last updated 8/16/2015

1999 Buick Century Limited 12Cyl 6.7L

Q: windows wont roll up but moter is fine

2 Answers Engine - by matteson - Last updated 8/27/2015

1987 Buick Century Estate Wagon 2Cyl 0.5L

Q: My car ran out of gas the other day , put gas in drove it home now only starts intermediately clogged filter ?

0 Answers Engine - by rockinrobinc66 - Last updated 8/16/2015

1994 Buick Century Custom 12Cyl 6.7L

Q: i had the transmission fluid and filter changed and doesnt want to go in reverse our drive it finally engages it was ok

1 Answers Engine - by jeff - Last updated 10/4/2015

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