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2009 BMW X3 xDrive30i 12Cyl 6.6L

Q: My monitor is frozen so i cant play music or use the GPS but it does turn on but just stays in one spot need help ASAP

0 Answers Engine - by - Last updated 6/24/2014

2007 BMW X3 3.0si 12Cyl 6.6L

Q: Is Transmission or torque converter has problem?

0 Answers Engine - by urwatu - Last updated 6/2/2015

2008 BMW X3 3.0si 12Cyl 6.6L

Q: Why does the seat belt sensor activate when the seat belt is engaged?

0 Answers Engine - by Bev - Last updated 1/28/2015

2004 BMW X3 2.5i 12Cyl 6.0L

Q: How do I find the Auto Shop versus DIY cost feature on AutoMD?

1 Answers Engine - by khawk - Last updated 4/5/2015

2006 BMW X3 3.0i 12Cyl 6.6L

Q: Sometime Key won't turn in ignition when trying to start car

0 Answers Engine - by a2743 - Last updated 8/30/2014

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