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1998 BMW 528i Base 6Cyl 2.80L

Q: Over heating. Compressor fan is frozen, need input on other possibilities.

0 Answers Engine - by mwagner89 - Last updated 5/16/2015

1998 BMW 528i Base 6Cyl 2.80L

Q: O2 sensor transmission slip

1 Answers Engine - by Shane423 - Last updated 4/7/2016

2000 BMW 528i Base 6Cyl 2.80L

Q: My spedometer stopped working how can i fix this and whats the problem

1 Answers Engine - by Snyderseth932 - Last updated 7/1/2015

2000 BMW 528i Base 6Cyl 2.80L

Q: Why did my cars temperature rise up, and then explode coolant?

0 Answers Engine - by Marshymarsh - Last updated 3/20/2016

2010 BMW 528i Base 6Cyl 3.00L

Q: Halo Ring/Angel Eyes Replacement

1 Answers Engine - by KG04 - Last updated 7/1/2016

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