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2000 BMW 328i Base 6Cyl 2.80L

Q: Where does the throttle cable connect on to the throttle body?

0 Answers Engine - by Savannah Scott - Last updated 10/22/2016

2013 BMW 328i Sport 4Cyl 2.00L

Q: There are circular plug/covers below the headlights on the bumper. One of them got pushed in and fell in.

0 Answers Engine - by Lucasxw - Last updated 8/28/2016

2008 BMW 328i Base 6Cyl 3.00L

Q: Engine hot, what do i do?

1 Answers Engine - by Amanda Mcknight - Last updated 3/9/2017

2000 BMW 328i Base 6Cyl 2.80L

Q: what causes wet plugs of oil , consuming more oil and smokes bmw e46 328i

0 Answers Engine - by NTESANG - Last updated 10/23/2017

2007 BMW 328i Base 6Cyl 3.00L

Q: Why won't my BMW start?

1 Answers Engine - by Ann - Last updated 5/7/2018

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