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Body Panel Rusting

There are many American enthusiasts of Alfa Romeo, and most of its vintage models are considered collectibles in the United States. However, just like any vehicle, this Italian make has its fair share of ailments. One of the biggest problems of Alfa Romeo vehicles is rust. Newer models have been built with better rust resistance, but this problem has to be addressed for older models. If your Alfa Romeo was not manufactured within the last seven to ten years, then you need to check it regularly for signs of rust. The common problem areas include the paint behind the rockers, behind the front wheel, and in front of the rear wheel; the spare tire compartment in the trunk; and the floorboards. Search for bubbling paint around the auto body-this is a strong indicator that your vehicle is going to have a rust problem. Like most Alfa Romeo parts, its body panels can be easily purchased and replaced. But this is a tough task, and it will require the help of a certified auto body specialist. The best course of action is preventive. Invest in a good wax, one that has protective coating. And wax the vehicle regularly. For the trunk compartments, engine bay sides, and floorboards, use anti-corrosive spray like WD-40. Regular applications will improve your car's resistance against rust.

Wiring System Woes

Alfa Romeo wire systems need lots of maintenance to avoid electrical problems. Excess moisture will easily disrupt the electrical flow of the car's wires, resulting in an enormous headache for the owner. It can cause charging problems and faulty performance of electrical accessories. The wire system should be more specially maintained for Alfa Romeo vehicles that have been customized with electrical accessories like stereos and LCD monitors. You should use wire accessories for better organization-this will allow you to easily identify which wire goes where. Use color-coded aftermarket wire jackets. They will be a big help when the system needs adjustments. For performance, inspect your wires regularly. Check for arcing and excess moisture. Arced wires will disrupt your car's electrical flow, and they should be replaced immediately.

Worn-out Fuel Injection

Alfa Romeo engines are strong, and they can run for a very long time. The only common problem source in the engine is its SPICA manual fuel injection, which is particular for selected models only (1980 and below). Abrasive engine temperatures cause this component to deteriorate over time. If left unattended, this will affect your vehicle's fuel efficiency. So make it a point to check on the fuel injection during tune-ups. Regular tune-ups will extend the service life of this component-and this is always the best solution. If the fuel injection has already deteriorated, then you have a choice to rebuild or replace. Rebuilding can be tricky and is strictly a case-to-case basis. It involves identifying where the structural damage of the injection is and repairing them one by one. Getting a high-quality replacement is the way to go, especially for do-it-yourself (DIY) mechanics. You can refer to our How to Replace a Fuel Injector manual for easy-to-follow replacement instructions.

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