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hilltop auto service

By Yota4Runner on Wed 05 February 2014

Took my truck into the shop to get a valve adjustment done because of some weird noises. Quoted me $250, brought it and they then told me it was actually gonna $500. Left it there on Monday and they said they'd call me and let me know what was going on the next day. No call Tuesday. Called them Wednesday wondering if it had been done, the guy said the parts were being ordered for the adjustment but thought that more should be done if it doesn't fix it. I told him to call me back and let me know if it worked or not. No calls for a few days. On Friday I called them wondering what was going on with my truck, receptionist didn't know. Finally got the call to pick up my truck on Monday. Guy told me no adjustment had been done, and that the noise wasn't fixed, but said my oil needed to be changed a couple times. Charged me $500 which I reluctantly paid. Started the truck up and noticed it was only running on 4/6 cylinders. The truck was running great when I brought it in besides the odd noise, now its barely drivable. I can barely get it to start and I can't figure out what they did to make it run like it is. Basically, I paid them $500 and they made my truck worse, didn't do what I asked them to, and didn't let me know what was going on. I will never take my truck back there again.