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By wronged diabled vet on Wed 05 February 2014

the work that was done. I dont see how they can reseal a trans when it has just as much dirt as when you took it in,stripped a nut in valve cover which they both are still leaking,instead of torque on the intake manifold they used a air gun,and they took my plugs right out of the box and did not gap them and put them in. I had to take my car somewhere else to get that stuff repaired and yes he did offer to fix it but would you really take you 70 nova back where they dont even know to gap plugs. I ask them about that and there reply was if it aint all the way open or closed the gap dont matter.Donnie has a sign God always Provides but when you do work like that I dont think its god doing the providing.One more thing .If your in a hurry to get your car back like a week, forget it