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By VT mom's network on Wed 05 February 2014

this place is bad, they forgot to tighten my wheels after they rotated my tires... they guy "jerry" did it, and when I came back within 10 minutes, they said " I MUST HAVE DONE IT!" OKAY, whats wrong with that picture? I carry around a 4 way to loosen my tires cause they just did that for me... I asked them to fix it and they said it would be a 29.99 charge to put it back in the shop. Go see Carls a mile away in milton, he is honest and great.... stay away from this place, they quoted me 99.99 and it was 129. before tax, and they passed they blame, I saw what mechanic did the work, it was Jerry, so go someplace else, I would be very upset if I made it to the school and picked up my kids 3 miles away and the tire had fallen off, but to tell me I did this, NOT EXCEPT ABLE