Shop Reviews

AC's Auto Repair

By Vivian on Wed 05 February 2014

My girlfriend's 2000 beetle blew the oil pump and the engine died. The guys at AC's diagnosed the problem, they showed me where the camshaft had been damaged due to the lack of oil. Long story short, the rebuilt the motor, and the car runs like new. What's really cool is that they emailed us pictures of the repair as they went along, and even offered to give us all the old damaged parts( though I declined since I saw them before they removed them from the car). Great shop and great mechanics, I will be taking all my family cars there from now on.

Japanese Auto Repair

By Vivian on Wed 05 February 2014

I took my Honda Civic to these guys because it would not start. They charged me over 1,300.00 dollars, to replace the timing belt, alternator,coil packs, ignition coils spark plugs, wires, battery and some sensors. I paid them, and the car would not start, then they said that the engine had an internal problem. I took my car to the Honda dealership, they said that the wire on the starter was loose, and charged me 50 dollars to fix it. By the way, they also said that none of the parts on the car were replaced except for the spark plugs and battery. HUGE Rip off artists. My lawyer will be contacting them since they don't want to refund my money.