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Anthony's Auto Service

By VinceW on Wed 05 February 2014

In the 75 years that I have been driving a car, I have learned that the newer cars are not designed for the "Back Yard Mechanic" to work on anymore. I've also learned that the dealer mechanics are not what they claim to be - they have to make money for the dealer. It seems they do not even try to repair cars any more, they just replace the whole assembly. In contrast, Anthony fixes it. I found that many years ago I actually saved money by trusting small family-owned businesses that built their business by word-of-mouth advertising. If you stop to think about it, if a Mechanic does a lousy job on your car and a friend asked where would be a good place to take your car to get it fixed, I am sure you would not tell that friend to go to the mechanic that did not fix your car right. I have been doing business with Anthony now for several years. As I am now in the twilight years of my life I depend on him to do everything on my vehicles to keep them running right. Anthony has my permission to give my phone number to any one who is interested in getting the work done right.