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Americ-Tint Auto Glass

By trevnun9 on Wed 05 February 2014

Approximately 1 year ago I had Americ-Tint completely tint my vehicle. I was given both a verbal and written guarantee covering all imperfections. Within 6 months, I noticed that on the rear windshield and back passenger windows showed bubbling. 2 months later, the remaining windows in my vehicle also showed bubbling in the tint. When I returned home from University I made an appointment with AmericTint to repair my vehicle's tint as per the terms of their lifetime warranty. I dropped my car off promptly at 8AM and was told it was ready at 4:30PM on August 11th, 2011. The following day I examined my vehicle and observed that the existing problems were not addressed. It appeared that no warranty work was completed on my vehicle. I spoke with the shop owner, Pedro Rubio, and discussed my problem with him. On August 15th, 2011, I again returned to AmericTint and showed Mr. Rubio the numerous bubbling areas. Mr. Rubio stated that the rear windshield was not covered under the terms of the warranty (which it does not state on the warranty card issued by Llumar) and if I wanted it repaired it would cost me $600. Additionally, although all of my windows showed bubbling, Mr. Rubio stated that he would only repair 2 of the windows. Mr. Rubio's attitude would be described as poor at best. He had no interest in assisting his customer and considered this warranty work as an aggravation. My daughter retrieved my vehicle shortly after 2PM; on examining the vehicle it appears that only 1 window had the tint replaced. When she brought this Mr. Rubio's attention, he became verbally abusive, demeaning, physically threatening, and she felt sexually harassed when he repeatedly referred to her as "baby" and "honey". Mr. Rubio then stated that he had no intention of doing any additional warranty work on this vehicle despite the numerous obvious problems.