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Chapman BMW collision center

By trbokix on Wed 05 February 2014

I was in an accident by a driver who forgot blind spots need to be check at all times, resulting in what i thought was minor damage to the passenger side of my vehicle. Come to find out it added up to 3k as an estimate. Fortunatly the ditzy blonde driver who had collided with me had USAA insurance which covered a rental car for me and covered my repairs completely. Chapman called the next day at 10 AM after a follow up with the insurance company as well as Enterprise which I was dumb founded by such immediate response from an insurance company/body shop/rental company... Hands down this has been the most pleasant experience with a body shop/insurance company I have ever delt wih, and for some reason living in AZ I have delt with both 3 times in the last year... I only wish they would have charged a higher hourly rate to really drive the point home of the importance of checking the blind spots in those oh so oversized SUV's!