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D T M Autobody

By Tosh on Wed 05 February 2014

NOT BAD, BUT NOT GOOD Ive had work done by them a few times now, not because theyre the best at what they do, but because theyre the only bodyshop in the area that has experience with aftermarket modification. And i have to say, they do an OK job. And i say this because when you first go to pick up the car everything looks fine and dandy, until you really start to take a closer look at the work theyve done. ONLY then do you see every imperfection and screw up they have. My most recent visit may very well be my last, i went to pick up the car THREE times before they fixed all their mistakes. They charged 1100 for rear bumper repair and paint, trunk paint, and a spoiler, painted and installed. First time around, they painted the spoiler without sanding it down so it was wavy as hell (they did ask me to come look at it first, but they painted it before i got there on accident and they showed me in the shade where they knew i wouldnt be able to see the waves, and i was told "thats the best its going to get") Second time around, i had them redo the spoiler because it was so bad, but when i came to pick it up, the spoiler color DID NOT MATCH the body color, it was WAY darker than it should have been. so i had them redo it again Third time around, i came and they had fixed that, but they had painted the black seals that sit in between the spoiler mount and the trunk, WHITE!! i didnt ask them to paint them, and theyre supposed to be BLACK. Now the list goes on, with all the other things i noticed they cut corners on, and couldve done better, but these were the main issues. So after that i had to come back yet again, and after much scrutiny and careful examination did i pay and take the car home. now they were nice enough not to charge me additional costs, so im sure they lost alot of money on my car, but i guess that goes to show they dont have any QA/QC? how can the manager let the car go when it looks that bad? I suggest talking to Manny or David if you ever go, they wont bullshit you and are easier to work with, but beware of jackson, he will bullshit left and right, my trunk was crooked and didnt close right, and he had the nerve to tell me "thats how its supposed to be" and he was the one that showed me the spoiler and told me "thats the best its going to get" Went back to talk to Manny about it, and he said it wouldnt be a problem to fix, and that it was his fault that it wasnt checked before paint. So as long as you talk to the right people, theyre very reasonable and willing to work with you on any problem you have. My main complaint is, they NEED to get it right on the FIRST time around.