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Oc's Auto & Truck Service

By Tommy on Wed 05 February 2014

I meet up with fellow workers out side of Mcdonalds in front of pic-n-save, at 4am. and parked my car every day in the same spot. and getting off at 8-10pm, it made it look as my car was abandon. when i got back into town i put two and two together, and called oc's after a very rude lady answer the phone. i ask her about the car. after being treated like i broke the law. and talked down to, i was told i can not get my car until the next day. so now i have to lose a day of work. All of this was ok because i understand what running a business is like, the problem i got with oc's is when i went to get a car the tow truck driving started yelling at me when i was trying to find out why did he tow my car and charge me 90 when they will move a auto any where in the City for 60. why is mine 90?. well time passed and a lot of words was said. i then ask the driver to meet me out side to settle the problem, at this point the once again rude lady told me they was calling the police. and with Crestview police never helping any one but them self. i swallowed my pride, and paid the damn thing to just get out of that moment. and back to what i would hope to be a good day. after driving my car home, i notice my car had went from the full tank i put in the day before, to below the 1/4 mark. seeing that around 8 gallons was stolen from my tank, i gave the car a once over. and this blows my mind. oc took the time to not even steal my gas, but he made sure to recycled my freon from my a/c compressor. as my a/c did not work. my dad is a ASE certification master mechanic of over 30 years. he did all up keep on my car. and it was him that found out my freon was stolen. when the economy is in the toilet and everyone is having to stretch their dollars even more, This is just downright criminal. screw you Mr. John O'connor