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CARS Automotive

By TNK on Wed 05 February 2014

CARS replaced a bad alternator that was already replaced 6 weeks earlier at another shop - it was a simple case of a faulty part. The parts store that the bad alternator came from was not local, so CARS had to order a new alternator. They did not give me the bad alternator that they took out of the car and I didn't think about asking for it at the time. I called CARS the next day and asked them to send me the bad alternator, but the owner said that they had asked me if I wanted the bad part but I had declined. It is his word against mine. Regardless, if CARS actually gave a crap about their customers, they would have suggested that I return the bad part. Instead, they are happy to know I paid $640 in the past 2 months to replace the alternator in my car and they don't care whether or not I can buy groceries until I get paid again. Ironically, the shop that did the original repair has offered to give me credit for future auto services even if I can't return the faulty alternator. I would NOT recommend CARS to my family or friends - they are NOT an ethical business.