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Toy Auto Clinic, LLC

By timrx400h on Wed 05 February 2014

I still can't believeHow amazing this guy is I have a 2007 Lexus RX400H and I needed a 90K service on it badly (I was at 120K) A good friend who works at a Toyota dealership said he'd do it for $2200.00. He claimed it would take 2 days and is difficult. Putnam Lexus: 2 grand to do it. Another shop over by Putnam was "more than willing" to do it for $1400. so then I was looking at Yelp and stumbled on Brian. Everyone had rave reviews and he was close by. I called and asked if he had done a 90K on a lexus? "Yup, sure have" then he quoted me $795 OUT THE DOOR!!!! I'm thinking there's no way he's gonna do this. But I went for it. Let me tell you people. Brian is EVERYTHING everyone else is saying. I was in at 8AM and out at 4PM. He had a box of parts by his desk and went through everything thoroughly. He even offered to wash the car. all for $795. I will NEVER go any where else... EVER! Just so you know, He did all this for $795 + tax Timing belt - replace Water pump -replace trans fluid - flushed Coolent - replaced Engine and Cabin Air Filters - replaced Brake inspection Oil pan drain plug gasket - replaced New Oil Filter New tensioner bearing for the timing belt New ideler bearing Rotate tires Inspect everything I'm still just blown away...