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Haddock's Tire & Brake Service

By tim mcphee on Wed 05 February 2014

my engine was making all kinds of noise it sounded like it wasn't going to last much longer.i did alot of research for a mechanic in the washington area.haddock had a 5 star review and the hourly rate was one of the lowest.they are also fast i put my 1999 mazda in to get fixed and got it back the next day sounding like it was brand new again.they are very friendly and courteous and exsplained so that i could understand what was wrong with the car.i would recomend them and would go back if i need any more work done.there warranty is 12 months for parts and labor which is unheard of everyone else is 90 days.they also use the top of the line products on your car.i do alot of research before i spend my money and everything they did was great. by TIM MCPHEE ON OCT 12TH 2011