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Andy's High Tech Auto Repair

By Taylor on Wed 05 February 2014

My transmission was acting up in my diesel 4x4 I was referred to Andy by my friend who owns a Mercedes. First I did some research on Andy's Hi-Tech then found a report from Rip-Off report so I was hesitant . My friend assured me that if I'm not happy with Andy he will pay my repair bill so I went to him what a suprise it was!! He is really smart, friendly guy. He stayed late to solve all my issues. He replaced my leaking radiator because the transmission oil-coolant was mixing due to a bad cooler. He cleaned the transmission internally (which I observed him do because i was skeptical). He did much more work then he charged for. He spent 7 hours on my car and only charged me for 5 hours(plust parts) since he estimated that it would only take 5 hours to complete when I first came in. Bottom line is, I'm sold . The rip off report is b.s. He explained to me that some other shop in lynnwood has the name Andy's Hi-Tech who according to one of his friends was the Auto-Repair shop that had worked on the bmw. He was not concerned at all, he just said that bad reviews can be missleading since theres always a chance of there being more then one place of business with the same name and that people shouldn't always believe what they read on the internet and instead come down and see how he runs his shop themselves. In my honost opinion, Andy's Hi-tech is the place to go when you need something fixed, Andy has reasonable, fair prices and provides wonderful service.