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Globe Transmission

By Stick66 on Wed 05 February 2014

I've been going to globe transmission for many years. They've service various cars and SUV's that I've owned. They've surprised me on a number of occassions. My most recent experience came when my SUV was having problems shifting out of first gear. I thought for sure the transmission needed to be changed. Vito called me and told me it was a minor adjustment that needed to be made, and made the repair. Made my day! When I picked up the vehicle another customer came in and had a similar problem. Again, Vito advised that it was really just an an adjustment that needed to be made. He could have easily sold us both a new transmission, as we were both expecting just that. It's been over a mont and the SUV is running with no issues. I give Vito and Globe high marks for their honesty, good work, and reasonable prices. NAD