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Van Dam Auto & Truck Repair

By Steppen Wolfe on Wed 05 February 2014

Never again will I ever go here, I went for a brake pulsation. I thought was simple brake job, turns out he made some story up that I needed both axles shafts, struts and not just the strut it self springs and all! Also, my car had been there not for the brakes, but for his own transportation. I saw him driving around town in my car. I saw him driving it like he stole it literally. Oh, and guess what I took it to Firestone down the street there on 191st st to get another quote, it was only going to be 350 for front rotors and pads, with oil change and tire rotation! He got really upset when I told him that I wanted another quote, he told me I am going to quote him on this "Well whatever else I am the best when it comes to price and not going to find quality work like mine" and if that is what he did to me what makes anyone else not possibly his next money sucking victim! Oh by the way I had to give this place a 1 star review otherwise it wouldn't let me post this.